Superbike Hero

Superbike HeroAre you the Superbike Hero? Embark on an epic journey across Europe and the Middle East as you race in the Superbike Series. Outrace your opponents, and collect coins to upgrade your superbike in preparation for the next race. Push yourself and your bike to the limits as you hang-on around tight corners and boost between cars. Ride your way to victory and prove you are the ultimate Superbike Hero!

Begin the challenge with just WASD or Arrow Keys. You’ll need to be agile, strategic, and quick on your feet in order to win! Experience the thrill of racing as you make your way through each track, gathering coins and overtaking your competition. With each race, you can upgrade your superbike, improving its speed and power.

Time to see if you can rise to the challenge and become the Superbike Hero! You’ll need to keep a cool head, so when you reach a tight corner, don’t forget to hang-on and keep the momentum up. When the race gets close, boost between opponents to gain an edge. Keep your eyes open for coins and use them to upgrade your bike – the better your bike, the faster you can go!

Ready to prove you’re the Superbike Hero? Play now and race your way across Europe and the Middle East. Collect coins, upgrade your bike, and outrun your opponents. Boost your way to victory and become the ultimate Superbike Hero!

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