Image of the captivating Unblock The Ball game featuring a rolling ball navigating through intricate tile channels. Experience the thrill of puzzle-solving!

Unblock The Ball

Get ready for a mind-bending adventure with Unblock The Ball! Solve puzzling challenges in this free online game. Drag or tap to unblock the ball!

Image of two whimsical mermaids diving into the ocean, surrounded by adorable fish in the Merge Mermaids online game.

Merge Mermaids

Dive into fin-tastic fun with Merge Mermaids! Play online, free! Strategize, merge fish, and ride the waves of hilarity. Start the adventure now!

Water Flow Puzzle

Water Flow Puzzle

Water Flow Puzzle is a very fun casual puzzle-solving game that is a free online hose catching game. Each level has a countdown and you need to finish it within the countdown. Let’s see how good you are at catching pipes, are you ready to solve the plumbing problem? Can you become the best plumbing master?