Street Fighter 6 Turns ONE: Anniversary Pass Trailer Drops EPIC Reveals 🤯

Capcom celebrates a year of intense brawling in Street Fighter 6 with a jam-packed anniversary Fighting Pass trailer. Get ready to discover new threads, classic throwbacks, and exciting game modes!

Trailer Highlights:

  • Fresh Costumes: Brand new outfits for fan-favorites like Chun-Li, Ryu, and Luke.
  • Nostalgic Gear: Unlock classic costumes and stages from previous Street Fighter games.
  • Drive Ticket Rush: An adrenaline-pumping new game mode that intensifies the action.
  • And More! The trailer hints at even more unannounced surprises for players.

Community Hype:

The Street Fighter community is buzzing with anticipation for the anniversary update. Social media is flooded with speculation about additional characters, balance changes, and the future of the competitive scene.

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Image Credit: Capcom ©

Don’t miss out on the Street Fighter 6 anniversary celebration. Grab your controller and get ready for a year of unforgettable battles!

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