DinosaurStorm.io game onlineWelcome to DinosaurStorm.io, an online game of epic proportions!
The stage is set for an incredible battle of prehistoric proportions – with you at the helm!

As the mightiest of dinosaurs, you will embark on a journey of epic strength and agility as you battle your way to the top of the food chain. Gather humans to boost your strength, demolish buildings, and collect gold coins to make yourself the strongest! Armed with simple, intuitive controls, you’ll need to use your skills and reflexes to outmaneuver your opponents and reign supreme.

At the start of each competition, you’ll be faced with a host of opponents all vying for the title of champion. Taking on each challenge, you must move your dinosaur with pinpoint accuracy and speed. With the use of the mouse, you can slide across the game area, guiding your dinosaur as they zip through the environment. All the while, you must collect humans and gold coins to increase your power, while destroying buildings to increase your score.

A true test of strategy and skill, the victor of the DinosaurStorm.io competition will be those who can maneuver their dinosaur with the most finesse, while collecting the most humans and gold coins. With every turn, you must make the split-second decision that will lead you to victory. Will you become the dinosaur king? Or will your opponents reign supreme?

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