Cute World Craft

Cute World Craft game onlineCute World Craft is an open-world sandbox where you can create the 3D world with your own rules, play survival mode or make game levels using built-in interactive game objects. Cute World Craft is a symbiosis of game mechanics of two games – Minecraft and Portal.

Here you can build with standard blocks, carry physical objects, place them wherever you want. In Creative you can generate beautiful 3D blocky landscapes by changing map settings: make your world endless or limited, set a time of the day, change a height of hills, set the world full of lava or water, regulate the number of enemies, animals, trees, physical objects on the map.

Various game mechanics let you make games on your own by using such interactive game elements as locked doors, portal-gun and portal-able surfaces, teleports, timers, checkpoints, block’s replicator, TNTs, trampolines, elevators, vanishing and ice blocks, flashlight, pickaxes and so on. Or maybe you like to construct? No problem! Build doll house, castle or even small town and decorate your creations with many items.

You can play with different physical objects such as bouncing balls and cubes, trampolines, make portals and throw things into it, place replicator and copy things just for fun! In Survival mode you should explore 5 different biomes and collect resources to craft a new stuff. Build a shelter and find a flashlight because the nights in Cute World Craft is really dark! You are not alone in this world, here are friends and enemies, cute animals with different behaviors, traders in abandoned houses are ready to swap different things with you.

Engage in battles with the menacing Monster Heads to collect their masks, and with a little ingenuity, combine them to find the Final BossHivot. A true test of strength awaits as you take on Hivot, punching out his teeth to liberate children from his grasp.

Explore the myriad of features that Cute World Craft has to offer, including 100 standard blocks such as cobblestone, sand, and bricks, 400+ dynamic physics objects for making games levels, and 24 pre-made building blocks and big trees. You can also create simple melodies with musical blocks or use the unique Symmetry mode to build faster. Change project settings, save progress, modify games of other users, and share your project to let other people play it! Play on your mobile device or tablet and immerse yourself in this free sandbox game with limitless possibilities.

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