China Cracks Down on Video Game Spending: Will Orwell’s 1984 Become a Reality?

China’s Video Game Market Under Threat

In a move that has sent shockwaves through the gaming industry, China’s National Press and Publication Administration (NPPA) has unveiled a series of stringent new rules aimed at curbing spending on video games. These regulations, which are currently in draft form, could have a devastating impact on the world’s largest games market, which returned to growth this year after a period of decline.

Image of a dystopian cover with a Chinese version of George Orwell's 1984 book

Key Takeaways: A Closer Look at China’s New Gaming Regulations

  • Ban on Reward Features: Online games will be prohibited from offering rewards to players for logging in daily, making their first purchase, or spending money consecutively.
  • Limits on Spending: Games must set limits on how much players can top up their digital wallets for in-game spending.
  • Ban on Lucky Draws and Speculation: Probability-based lucky draw features and the speculation and auction of virtual gaming items will be banned from minors.
  • Data Storage Requirements: Game publishers must store their servers within China to address Beijing’s concerns over user data privacy.
  • 60-Day Approval Process: Regulators will be required to process game approvals within 60 days, a welcome relief for the industry.
  • 40 New Game Licenses: China granted licenses for 40 new imported games, indicating a willingness to allow more games in the country.

Will China’s Gaming Industry Survive?

The future of China’s gaming industry is unclear. On the one hand, the new rules could stifle innovation and creativity, leading to a decline in the quality of games being produced. On the other hand, the government’s commitment to promoting healthier gaming habits could have positive long-term effects.

A Parallel with 1984?

Although the NPPA’s intention to protect children from gaming addiction is laudable, some concerns may arise about the new rules, which could be seen as government overreach. They point to parallels with George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984,” in which the government rigidly regulates all forms of entertainment and communication.

Image of two chinese kids controlled by a policeman while playing games at home.

What Does This Mean for The Rest of the World?

The NPPA’s actions could have a ripple effect on the global gaming industry. Other governments may be inspired to implement similar regulations, further restricting the ways in which game developers can monetize their products.


China’s decision to crack down on video game spending is a significant development that will have far-reaching consequences for the gaming industry. Whether this move will be seen as a necessary step to protect children or an unwarranted intrusion into personal freedom remains to be seen. However, it is clear that the future of gaming in China is uncertain, and the implications for the global industry are worth watching closely.

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