Santa’s Calling! Claim Your Exclusive World of Warcraft Tabard of Fury through Twitch Prime

Deck the halls of Azeroth with a fiery touch! World of Warcraft is spreading holiday cheer with an exclusive Twitch Prime gift: the Tabard of Fury Transmog appearance

A radiant yellow tabard adorned with intricate patterns, reminiscent of the fiery spirit of Azeroth.
Image from, copyright © Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

Exclusive Tabard of Fury: A Vibrant Touch for the Holiday Season

As the holiday spirit fills the air, World of Warcraft brings a dazzling addition to its festive offerings – the Tabard of Fury Transmog appearance, a vibrant yellow Tabard exclusively available through Twitch Prime. This unique cosmetic item, originally released as a World of Warcraft Trading Card Game (TCG) loot card, is now within reach for players with an active Amazon Prime subscription and a linked account.

Expanded Player Rewards Through Continued Partnership

This collaboration between Blizzard Entertainment and Twitch Prime marks another milestone in their ongoing partnership, which commenced in April 2023 with a series of monthly World of Warcraft Prime Gaming rewards. These rewards provide players with exclusive cosmetic items, including mounts, pets, and tabards, to enhance their in-game appearances.

Tabard of Fury: Joining the Ranks of Prestigious Rewards

The Tabard of Fury seamlessly integrates into the growing collection of Prime Gaming rewards, following in the footsteps of the Armored Bloodwing mount, which graced World of Warcraft in November 2023. This latest tabard exudes a touch of fierce elegance, adding a touch of distinction to any character’s ensemble.

Simply Claim and Enjoy Instant Delivery

To obtain the coveted Tabard of Fury, players can easily navigate to the Prime Gaming website and connect their account. Upon successful linking, the tabard will be automatically added to their Collections the next time they log in to World of Warcraft. Click here to go to Blizzard’s official website, get detailed info and know exactly how to get the gift.

Prime Gaming Reward: A Commemoration of the Race to World First

The arrival of the Tabard of Fury coincides with the successful conclusion of the Amirdrassil Race to World First, a thrilling competition that showcases the exceptional skills of World of Warcraft’s top players as they strive to conquer the latest raid content. The concurrent timing of the reward and the race’s conclusion further highlights the enduring popularity of World of Warcraft and its ability to captivate players through engaging content and rewards.

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