Survival UFO 

Survival UFO game onlineSurvival UFO: Endless is an online game that tests a player’s proficiency for surviving in an exceedingly hostile environment. Set on a distant planet, the game requires players to marshal their logical and physical resources to remain alive. All that is required to begin the game is to simply click or tap to start.
The objective of the game is to cleverly maneuver the UFO, housing a cuddly panda inside, away from the unknown alien objects. Any contact made between the UFOs or the side walls of the game screen with the UFO will result in the destruction of the aircraft, and ultimately a game-over.
Encountering the alien objects requires a level of agility and ingenuity as the game’s difficulty increases with time. Therefore, players need to continually keep their eyes peeled and use their reflexes to their advantage in order to succeed. As the game progresses, players also have the chance to collect power-ups which aid them in their mission to remain alive. If they are able to stay alert and focused, they can make it through the alien invasion and attain a victorious completion of the game.
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