DinoZ Game Online

DinoZ game online is an exciting adventure game with an unexpected twist! Players are tasked with rescuing scientists who have been taken hostage by intelligent dinosaurs who have escaped from a lab. The dinosaurs have fled to the forest and have set up devious traps and puzzles to challenge those brave enough to try and save the hostages.

The game is designed for solo or multi-player action, with 16 levels of escalating difficulty. Players must use their wits to navigate the puzzles and traps, while also collecting dinosaur eggs along the way. The eggs are essential for unlocking the final level and rescuing the hostages. As the game progresses, players can arm themselves with an array of weapons to help them battle their way through the hordes of dinosaurs.

DinoZ game online is a fun and challenging game for all ages. You can test your problem-solving skills, work with friends in multiplayer mode, and enjoy the fast-paced action of battling dinosaurs. With the added bonus of being able to save the scientists, DinoZ game online is a thrilling and entertaining experience.

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