Big Snake.ioBig is one of the most popular .io online multiplayer games that offers hours of fun with its leaderboards and action-packed gameplay. Glide into a world of glowing balls, worms and insatiable hunger. Only the most cautious players survive in Big, the competition is constant. You can’t trust anyone, everyone will try to eat you!

Avoid other players if you are leading their cunning plan against you, and try to collect as many glowing balls as possible! In contrast to the intense gameplay, Big’s controls are pretty straightforward. You only need to use your mouse to move around the map or your finger in the case of a touch screen. Use the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to activate acceleration. Give your character a name before starting the game. If you want to, you can also change and customize the appearance of your worm. There are many colorful options to choose from. When you first start the game, you will be just a tiny worm, but by absorbing the glowing balls, you will grow quickly. Beware of other players! Touching their body will turn your worm into many glowing particles, which will mean the end of the game for you, and for other players you will become delicious food!

Similar to Big, is another popular .io multiplayer game that offers a similar gameplay experience. In both games, players control a worm-like creature and must eat glowing orbs to grow larger while avoiding other players. The games also feature simple controls and constant competition, making for an addictive and engaging experience for players of all ages.

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