Armed With Wings 

Armed With Wings game onlineArmed with Wings enraptures players with a dark, mysterious world populated by ethereal silhouettes born from the Blacksmith and dissipate upon death. Long ago, an oppressive tyrant had destroyed all of the rebels who dared to oppose him. But, five years after his victory, one of the rebels returns to life with a spirit of vengeance and the strength of a hero.

This rebel, known as the Lone Warrior, is the protagonist of the game and embarks on a quest to avenge his fallen comrades. The Lone Warrior has a special ability to release an eagle spirit from within himself that can be used to move and retrieve objects, as well as to distract enemies while the Lone Warrior sneaks up on them. As the Lone Warrior progresses through the stages, he must fight various soldiers and monsters in service of the King, Vandheer Lorde, and eventually confront him in battle.

The gameplay of Armed with Wings is largely puzzle-based rather than focused on combat. The player has access to four different types of attacks, in addition to blocking, and the puzzles involve using the eagle spirit to collect various items such as keys or rocks that are used to open doors. Additionally, there is a powerup that allows the eagle spirit to be released for an unlimited amount of time. The game also features some unique boss fights that are more challenging than the regular enemies.

Armed with Wings is a sword-fighting action game with a platformer element. Players control the Lone Warrior with the left and right arrow keys to move and the Z and X keys to attack and block, respectively. The eagle spirit is released with the A key and can pick up items with the S key and be kept idle with the D key. Players must use these controls and their wits to help the Lone Warrior succeed in his mission of vengeance.

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